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This project is managed by Alain Nadeau.

I was involved in the past in full-time research on medieval philology and codicology. Meanwhile my career has taken me in quite another direction and I'm not professionnaly involved with scholarly research on the middle ages anymore. I've nonetheless kept an active interest in pursuing this private project: a repository of information on ancient and medieval manuscripts.

The material gathered here is offered as a modest contribution to the internet's "Commonwealth of Knowledge". It is hoped that the information provided can be helpful and that it can raise interest in the pursuit of studies on medieval codicology and philology.

The whole project draws its name from the the 13th-century French Dominican preacher Willelmus Peraldus (Guillaume Peyraut), author of the popular Summa de viciis et virtutibus (the project actually got started as I undertook to prepare a definitive list of witnesses of the Summa). Guillaume is a most interesting character in many respects and it is hoped to provide here some day a few pages dedicated to his life and works.

More about me. I hold a B.A. in German from Concordia University (Montreal), an M.A. in Medieval History from Westfield College (now Queen Mary College), University of London, as well as a Ph.D. in Medieval Sciences from the Université de Montréal.

After many years in London and Paris I have now been living in Bern for almost 18 years and am employed by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office as an Information and Knowledge Management specialist.

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