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Are you the official site of the [your choice] library? This site has no official status whatsoever and is not linked in any way with the many libraries listed here. I do not know the mail or email address of the library you're interested in. Occasionnaly, links to the official internet site of a particular library are offered (but see below).
Can you provide reproductions or microfilms from particular manuscripts and/or books? For the same reasons as in the previous question, no I cannot.
I'm making my family tree, can you help me trace my ancestors? No I cannot. But the internet is packed with the appropriate assistance (try "genealogy" on Google)
Why don't you systematically offer links to the official library homepages? That would certainly be useful and interesting. But the collection currently mentions close to 1'400 single libraries. The amount of time necessary to create and, especially maintain such a collection of links would be considerable. Google does it much better.
Having said this, should a volunteer feel called upon to do just that, I'd gladly discuss including it here.
Why don't you specify the folios each reference points to? Because they are not always mentioned in the source, and when they are, their recording here would (should) not dispense the interested scholar from going back to the reference itself for further specific information on any given ms. My intention is to provide an accessus to the sources used; in that sense I'm not trying to replace them.
When you link to books dedicated to a manuscript, all one sees is an ISBN number. Why is that? The database only contains a book's ISBN number. My goal is to use's API in order to automatically fetch and display complete bibliographical information on current books. I still have to implement that feature.
I'm using Internet Explorer and your pages look really ugly. Why is that? I use Linux and developed the new site with Mozilla. It looks really nice under Mozilla, but for some reasons it's not so nice using the Internet Explorer. Why this is I do not know. I'll try to improve the situation as soon as I have a bit of time (05.08.2003).
Update: This problem is now corrected (02.12.2004). A specific stylesheet is dynamically loaded depending on the browser.