- Accessing the Data

Manuscripts available in the following library:

Lübeck (DE), Bibliothek der Hansestadt


Total: 33 Mss

Unspecified MsHist. 4° 3Med. Q. 10
Philol. 2° 3Philol. 5Philol. 8° 14
Theol. lat. 53Theol. lat. 54Theol. lat. 58
Theol. lat. 59 (formerly)Theol. lat. 64Theol. lat. 69
Theol. lat. 71Theol. lat. 74Theol. lat. 78
Theol. lat. 86Theol. lat. 87Theol. lat. 88
Theol. lat. 90Theol. lat. 125Theol. lat. 130
Theol. lat. 131Theol. lat. 133Theol. lat. 134
Theol. lat. 135Theol. lat. 142Theol. lat. 143 (formerly)
Theol. lat. 144Theol. lat. 149Theol. lat. 167
Theol. lat. 171Theol. lat. 188Theol. lat. 212